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Trust, loyalty, commitment are all synonyms that translate in Latin into Fides. It has always underpinned every agreement, every negotiation.

No word sums up our approach to work better than Fides.

From the simplest to the most complex negotiation, we approach everything with the utmost loyalty and commitment for our clients’ benefit.

Our activity focuses on assisting in business management during extraordinary transactions. We provide business management consulting, professional business consulting, negotiation of commercial contracts for third parties.

We have developed a very high level of expertise that allows us to unravel the most complex business valuations and more generally to support managers in business valuations and in all those consulting services related to business management.

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[soprano_theme_title title=”Mergers & Acquisitions” sub_title=”” el_class=”titolo-fides”]
  • When advising companies on an acquisition, merger or sale (including mergers, spin-offs, sales, joint ventures and capital markets offerings), we evaluate potential targets, provide valuation analysis and propose strategic alternatives.
  • We provide boards and management teams with independent judgement and deep experience as they navigate their most important transactions and strategic decisions.
  • We also advise on the timing, structure and pricing of a proposed transaction, as well as assist in the negotiation and closing of the deal.
[soprano_theme_title title=”Valuations and Fairness Opinions” sub_title=”” el_class=”titolo-fides” class=”“btn“” type=”“button“” data-toggle=”“collapse“”]
  • Opinions, fairness opinions, independent evaluations in the context of extraordinary transactions, such as mergers, contributions, spin-offs, etc.
  • Evaluations in support of the preparation of the financial statements: impairment tests, purchase price allocation processes (PPA), evaluation of debt sustainability.
  • Evaluations and opinions required by law: expert opinions for the purposes of withdrawal, attestations in the context of contribution and capital increase operations, opinions .on the conformity of exchange ratios, evaluations of debt sustainability in LBO operations.
  • Evaluations in support of extraordinary transactions: evaluations in the context of acquisitions, disposals, IPOs, corporate restructuring (e.g. family agreements) and in the context of special institutions, such as the drafting of shareholders’ agreements, the design of management incentive plans with the presence of stock options.
[soprano_theme_title title=”Support in the execution of Debt Financing and Restructuring” sub_title=”” el_class=”titolo-fides”]
  • We specialise in challenging and unconventional situations requiring precise analytical, industrial and structuring expertise for both private placements or listed securities.
  • We have significant experience in assisting clients in the most delicate execution involving debt financing and corporate restructuring processes.
  • We provide comprehensive support in highly complex turnaround, distressed and bankruptcy situations, with a multi-dimensional approach that generates optimal results for all stakeholders.
  • Through selected partnerships with leading Italian and international law firms, we can draw on specific expertise in order to optimize support for our clients.
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Through our partnership with Fides Advisory we can offer our customers:

Valuation Advisory: Real estate valuations for financial statements, acquisitions and financing, economic feasibility studies and sworn appraisals.

Asset & Property: The multidisciplinary team of experts provides tailor-made solutions and procedures for resolving critical management issues and optimising assets. It is also able to constantly monitor asset situations with specific services.

Consulting: Development advisory, Asset Repositioning and Portfolio Strategy.

Capital Market: Identification and assistance in the acquisition/sale of income and non-income properties; management of equity placement and debt advisory mandates related to all types of real estate properties.

Project Management: Starting from the analysis of spaces and users, Fides Advisory technicians provide tailor-made, innovative and sustainability-compatible solutions. In addition, the synergic collaboration between the professionals in Fides Advisory and the network of planners makes it possible to meet all the requirements of the new real estate market and provide specific services.

Agency: Marketing activities and commercial support, Consultancy to identify the best financial solution, Space planning consultancy, Technical-legal assistance during negotiations.

[soprano_theme_title title=”WHO” sub_title=”” line=”yes” el_class=”titolo-sezione”]
[soprano_theme_title title=”Domenico Trotta” sub_title=”” el_class=”titolo-fides”]

Domenico has extensive corporate finance experience with a deep focus on M&A having advised many Banks, insurance, and Specialty Finance and Industrial companies.

He started his career in London where he spent significant time working at JPMorgan and Dresdner Kleinwort advising European companies in assignments such as hostile takeovers, capital increase, and mergers and acquisitions.

Graduated from Bocconi University in Institutions and Financial Markets Management has successfully completed Executive Courses in Strategic Negotiation from the Harvard Business School. He is registered at the Chamber of commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza and  Lodi.

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[soprano_theme_title title=”Acted as sole financial advisor for +Simple in the acquisition of InnovAction” sub_title=””]
[soprano_theme_title title=”Acted as sole financial advisor for the acquisition of Kasauria” sub_title=””]
[soprano_theme_title title=”Acted as sole Financial Advisor for +Simple in the acquisition of Marintec” sub_title=””]
[soprano_theme_title title=”Acted as sole Financial Advisor for the acquisition of a 64% stake into Jointek Aerospace” sub_title=””]
[soprano_theme_title title=”CONTACTS” sub_title=”” line=”yes” el_class=”titolo-sezione”]
[soprano_theme_title title=”Where we are” sub_title=”” el_class=”titolo-fides”][soprano_theme_contacts location=”Corso Italia 3, 20122 Milano” phone=”+ 39 02 3045 0715″ email=”info@fidescf.com” hr=”yes” text=””]Trust, loyalty, commitment are all synonyms that translate in Latin into Fides. It has always underpinned every agreement, every negotiation.[/soprano_theme_contacts]
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