Real Estate Advisory

Through our partnership with Fides ADV we can offer our customers:

Valuation Advisory: Real estate valuations for financial statements, acquisitions and financing, economic feasibility studies and sworn appraisals.

Asset & Property: The multidisciplinary team of experts provides tailor-made solutions and procedures for resolving critical management issues and optimising assets. It is also able to constantly monitor asset situations with specific services.

Consulting: Development advisory, Asset Repositioning and Portfolio Strategy.

Capital Market: Identification and assistance in the acquisition/sale of income and non-income properties; management of equity placement and debt advisory mandates related to all types of real estate properties.

Project Management: Starting from the analysis of spaces and users, fides Advisory technicians provide tailor-made, innovative and sustainability-compatible solutions. In addition, the synergic collaboration between the professionals in fides Advisory and the network of planners makes it possible to meet all the requirements of the new real estate market and provide specific services.